Organics: Simply Beautiful

Organic, by definition, could mean anything. In a living environment, it is the natural relationship between earth, water, oxygen, and vegetation. The balance of nature is beautiful and easily maintains itself without requiring human intervention. Restoring this balance is not as difficult as it may seem. Although not instantaneous, it is remarkable.

Homeowners are the number one consumer of water in the nation due to poor irrigation. Water is wasted on lawns due to poor soil and erosion. All efforts are useless without natural balance. All plants, whether they are trees, flowers, shrubs, grass, or vines, depend on the soil’s health. Flower Power Landscape services can bring life back to your lawn through aeration of the soil and the systematic introduction of microbes.

Natural beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi work symbiotically with the plant’s roots and soil. The results are long lasting and water saving. The health and vitality of your lawn is maximized from season to season. Costs of yearly maintenance are greatly reduced. Water use is lessened up to 75% due to increased ground-water absorption and deep root penetration.

Chinch bugs and turf fungus are the two largest threats to yards in the South. Fungicides and insecticides are expensive and harmful to the soil and vegetation. They affect the natural balance of the soil and the ability to absorb water. The irrigation experts at Flower Power Landscape services understand the root of these problems, and use natural means to revive your lawn and garden. Chemical herbicides and insecticides, although sometimes needed, are now rarely needed. Taking care of your lawn becomes simple and refreshing.

We can accomplish more by doing less and letting nature work its magic. We then have more time to spend enjoying the beauty of what natural organics offer. Life becomes simple and easy when the balance of nature is restored to your lawn.