Flower Power Landscape Services

Flower Power Landscape provides landscape services, tree services, irrigation services, lighting services and more. We have all of the latest tools and technologies which allow us to provide you with the highest level of service available.  Whether you’re creating an exterior design for a new home, updating an older design, or in need of maintenance for your existing yard, Flower Power is your best bet.

Our Services Include:

We are licensed and insured to protect you and your property. We also provide references upon request and 24-hour Emergency Service!

A Sign of Great Design!

All jobs are approached in the same professional manner whether large or small. We are the leaders in sustainable growing media establishing rich soils and deep root feeding systems. We specialize in water conservation. We establish and maintain all the necessary steps for trees, plants, turf, design and irrigation and/or removal and transplant as needed. Tree cutting is also available.

Evaluating Needs

Performance and quality of jobs are maintained at reasonable and equitable costs. This reflects an outcome desirable for the customer. Accessing organic and irrigation requirements give long term gratification. We evaluate, quote and deliver “on time” finishing with clean orderly results.

Recipe For Success

Long term results require excellent product and consistent methods. Aeration is required on an new project and also yearly basis. Organic products are best applied when soil media is added or when transplanting new plants. Application times are vital to types of plants and climates. We offer convenient application schedules of organic fertilizer for the plants and tree’s for additional applications of microbes during the growing season. 

Our Policy

Our purpose and policy at is to teach, encourage, enable, establish, the safety, and well being of all people that are willing to take the necessary steps needed to exercise all our rights and to value and maintain the integrity of soils and natural fauna that is left in our hands to protect and utilize. We further guaranty that all products we sale are natural and contain no animal waste products and do not have pathogens which will harm children, pets or livestock. We recommend planting and harvesting. We welcome ideas and believe in nourishment of the mind and body.